Employer Profile: Amazon.com


Despite the rumors that robots will one day take over all our jobs, employers still continue to hire real people. Amazon just announced that they are looking to hire 1,200 new full-time employees at its new fulfillment center, which is located in Kent, Washington—not far from the company’s Seattle headquarters.

We all know Amazon is the place to go for online shopping. But what are they like as an employer?

The undisputed king of e-commerce was founded in 1994 in Seattle. The worldwide company is run by CEO Jeff Bezos. As of October 2015, there were over 222,000 employees working for Amazon. These employees are spread out across over 100 locations across the word.

Because Amazon is such a big company, there are jobs in virtually every industry from design and marketing to research and medical. Things continue to grow for Amazon, which means there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. Amazon offers full benefits for employees and their family members. These include health and other insurance benefits, retirement plans, vacation, and more.

One thing that many may view as a bummer is the vacation accrual. Employees can earn up to six paid personal days a year (that equates to one day earned every other month), which isn’t much considering other companies offer double that.

Perhaps one of the best things about working at Amazon is the power that comes with the brand-name. Anyone looking to leave is going to have the word “Amazon” or “Amazon.com” in the employment history section of their resume. Potential employers will dig that.

But for those who choose not to use Amazon as a stepping stone and would rather make it a longterm home, there are some great perks. At the Seattle office, employees can enjoy free concerts and social get-togethers. There are reportedly great stock options too.

For more information on employment at Amazon, visit Amazon.jobs.

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