How I Found My Dream Job in a New City


Our mission here at The Muse is simple: to help you find your dream job. So, there’s nothing we love more than hearing about it when you do!.

Tell us about yourself!
I was born and raised in Omaha, NE and recently finished my undergraduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in accounting. I’m also newly married! My husband and I just moved to Austin, TX for his new job, and I began my career in accounting when I landed my job with ScaleFactor.

What’s your title at your new role, and what does this actually mean in terms of what you’re doing day to day?
I’m an accounting analyst, which means that I mostly work on accounting services for our clients—anything from bookkeeping to processing invoices to maintaining accurate inventory counts. I assist with and complete complex accounting tasks and problem solving for our clients.

ScaleFactor is changing how business owners consume financial data and make decisions. We use cloud accounting software specific to each client’s business needs that allows me to focus on other pressing aspects of the client’s business and allows the client to focus on what they do best.

What were you looking for in a job?
I wanted to work for a company that was a trailblazer, and doing things in a way no one else was doing them. So, most of my job search focused on the company culture and environment—one that was aligned with my goals and values and would challenge me on a continual basis. Since I love accounting, I wanted to find that type of work within a company that wasn’t afraid to push the envelope while still providing incredibly strategic, proven financial services solutions. I was essentially looking to gain experience in the field at a company that was transforming the accounting industry.

What’s something most people would find surprising about working at ScaleFactor?
Upon hearing that ScaleFactor provides their clients with core accounting and financing services, most might think of it as a typical, stuffy accounting firm. But it’s actually quite the opposite. ScaleFactor is really revolutionizing the financial services industry by combining innovative digital tools with financial expertise (us!) to bring about a fresh approach to accounting and finance for startups and scaling companies. We have a team working hard on developing an in-house product to be utilized with our clients and future clients as well. ScaleFactor most certainly is not your typical accounting firm.

What’s your favorite part so far about working at ScaleFactor?
I really enjoy the uplifting team morale that ScaleFactor exhibits each and every day. Most days you’ll walk into the office and be greeted with a friendly “good morning!” while some groovy tunes are playing in the background (and maybe even a bagel awaiting you). That alone makes anyone excited to be there and really boosts your motivation for the day.

Is there anything from The Muse that helped you out in your job hunt?
I used The Muse to prep for my interview by reviewing the company page for ScaleFactor. I read about who they were, what they did, and watched videos of their employees talking about their backgrounds and roles within the company. I also really enjoyed hearing from the employees themselves about why they love working at ScaleFactor and felt more connected to them even before the interview process. I gained perspective on what kind of person they attracted to their company and if it was a good fit for myself as well.

What advice would you have for someone who wants a job like yours?
Be proactive, be persistent, and be yourself. I firmly believe that if you’re persistent in the job search, reaching out and networking with as many professionals as possible, and still being your genuine self throughout the process, you’ll land in the right job or company for you. Don’t ever give up on your values as to what kind of company you want to work for, what kind of people you want to be surrounded by, or what type of role you want to be in.