IT Expert. Strategist … ProTeam means that many labels fit. Which facets do YOU have?

It’s easy to put people into boxes. I’ve got an information systems background, know how to develop software and translate complex technical details into understandable terms. In other teams, IT would have been my box.

ProTeam is unique. When you join, you are not doing so to fill one – predefined – position. You are joining because you have many facets, different interests and skills. No one of my colleagues could be defined by just one, two or even five labels. In fact, I’m sure that no one defined 10 different roles to be filled when looking for ProTeam Gen 30. The same applies to your generation!

One day, you are an ideator: dreaming up fantastic scenarios where the passenger enjoys an almost unimaginably seamless trip. Another day, you are the realist: such a journey is not possible because … Even within a group as large as the ProTeam, this variety helps to shape ideas and make dreamlike visions reality. And let’s admit it: wouldn’t it be boring to be “the ideator” everyday?

So, would ProTeam be perfect for you? It is – if you want to discover new facets of fellow ProTeam colleagues every day. It is – if you can imagine collaborating intensively for 18 month and shifting into different roles as needed. It is – if you are ready to prove that you are more than just one box.

Aviation enthusiast, strategist, logistician, knowledge sponge … but for sure, I also “do” IT.