What were the largest genocides?

As the world reflects on National Holocaust Memorial Day, we are reminded of the great evil and terrible destruction ruthless dictators have levied against entire populations. The most visible example of this in recent memory was the Holocaust. During World War II, European Jews, suffered terribly at the bloody hands of the ruthless Nazi regime, resulting in over 6 million killed in just a few years. Most of the murders happened on a grand scale as part of Hitler’s “final solution” and were carried out in the macabre network of death camps. And as shocking as this is, what’s also shocking is that many in our world don’t even know that the Holocaust even happened. In fact, according to a recent poll, 4 in 6 millennials don’t know that Holocaust happened. They simply don’t know anything about it. What’s more, 2/3 have never heard of Auschwitz. And although it is tempting to throw the millennials under the bus for this egregious ignorance of history, the real offenders are the teachers. Teachers are failing to teach history, and, by so doing, are creating a generation of ignorant knuckleheads. And what happens when you don’t learn from history? You’re destined to repeat history. That’s what happens. It’s a very dangerous thing to raise a generation of ignoramuses.

So help ensure we have fewer knuckleheads and fewer ignoramuses, here is a list of some of the largest genocides that have happened on planet Earth.

The Holodomor (Ukraine)
12 million killed

The Holocaust (Europe)
6 million killed

Cambodian Genocide
3 million killed

Armenian Genocide
1.8 million killed

Rwandan Genocide
800,000 killed

IF you’re a millennial and you haven’t figured out that history is wrought with chapter after chapter of genocide and mass-killings at the hands of ruthless dictators, then perhaps it’s time to start getting educated. Because if you don’t know anything about the Holocaust, you likely don’t know anything about history. If you’re ignorant to the Holocaust, what other major chapters in world history are you ignorant on? It’s a fair question.