Which Ballot Box do I choose

Many people, especially young adults, in 2016 are asking themselves, “which Ballot Box do I choose?”  Although it is healthy for an individual to ask themselves this question, the harsh reality is many individuals do not know how to answer this question sufficiently. Most young adults have decided not to vote at all this year due to what they depicted as a disappointing list of presidential candidates to choose from. Although they have stated this some will end up deciding to vote, but only until much later in the election. At this point, both democratic and republican nominees will have pushed themselves and their political arrangements much closer to each other at the middle of the spectrum compared to where they were in the beginning. When young voters plan on attempting to vote at this point in the election, it can skew a lot of thought process regarding who should run our country under what specific policies. No longer are individuals able to vote clearly and wholly for the right or left side political strategies because they begin to blur into each other. This is why it is quite important for voters to get involved in the election as soon as possible and keep up on each candidates policies from the very beginning to end. For example, Donald Trump initially ran his more conservative debate without the involvement of religion. However, he has just decided to stand behind the evangelical Christians and thank them for letting him become apart of them. Religious young adults head to head with the ballot box may want to vote for Trump now because he has faith in something that they similarly do as well. However, if these young adults had made sure they kept up with his political agenda from the very beginning, they would know that this was not always his initial way of going about life. They would understand and be able to relate that this was possibly just propaganda for his political campaign and not a belief he was truly passionate about. It is understandable for many new voters to be confused and discouraged to vote this 2016 due to the presidential circumstances. However, it brings more attention to the importance of taking the time to study and really know what is occurring in the political debates. When voters are more educated, our country and world become more capable of being controlled by intelligent leaders.